Posture is everything

“Any deviation from being posturally perfect will result in an overload of certain joints or structure(s), causing aggravation = inflammation = PAIN.”

“Most people discount or completely overlook the force of gravity in everyday life. Gravity impacts us, either you have a good or bad relationship with it.”

If you are not posturally sound, gravity will grate/shear through your body, compromising the integrity of certain soft tissue structures and skeletal joints, this will be your sore knee, your lower back, your shoulder which is not right.

The corrections made are not by addressing the symptom at hand but the source of the overload.

Firstly, the correction of the universal angle (foundation of your body) your pelvis and your lumbar spine, once true and corrected of tilts and/or Pelvic rolls then adjustment of the associated compensatory structures and joints that have been activated to allow ongoing human movement to occur and to ensure all skeletal joints reside correctly within gravitational lines so as to diffuse its impact evenly throughout the body. This minimises/eradicates muscular overload, prevents tears and fibrosis, allows recovery from past and present injuries, slows degeneration and increases range of movement and vitality.

My philosophy is simple, re-calibrate, restore and adjust the length tension relationship of the universal angle which is your hips and spine and adjust associated previous compensatory structures to ensure that all skeletal joints reside correctly with gravity and diffuse its impact evenly.